Data Backup and Recovery Services

Have you ever faced a problem in business just because you lost your data due to a natural disaster or due to crashing of your laptop? If yes, then you certainly know the true importance of data backup and recovery services.

ISHIR helps businesses address their backup and disaster recovery needs and specializes in providing end-to-end, high quality data backup services to protect your business data, irrespective of where it is stored.

Why Choose ISHIR’s Data Backup and Recovery Services:

  • High Security: We provide security-rich, managed protection of critical data onsite or offsite for increased availability.

  • Zero Data Loss: With us, you do not have to worry about any data loss as we give you the guarantee of zero data loss.

  • Instant and Automatic Recovery: Our highly efficient and experienced team gives instant and automatic recovery of all your lost data.

  • Cost Effective: Our data backup and recovery plan is completely cost effective and will not let your business experience any financial losses.

  • 24x7, Highly Responsive Technical Support: Our team provides strong technical support to your company and is available at your service, 24x7.

  • 90% Data Compression: Our team, with its constant hard work, increases the backup success rates to an average of 90%.

We have cloud computing and latest technology that gives you safe, secure, workable and automatic data backup and recovery solutions. Moreover, we have the right management tools, environmental controls, tracking and security, due to which you are able to retrieve your data quite easily and quickly.

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