Managed Cloud Hosting Custom Solutions

Web hosting solutions have become an integral part of many businesses these days. The hosting needs of a company increases as the size of its business increases.

Custom web hosting solutions are basically for large businesses, which have huge traffic on their website or have very server intensive applications running. This kind of hosting employs multiple servers with firewalls, load balancers and other hardware to handle the traffic or workload. It makes sure that the website is running smoothly and no problems are arising due the huge amount of traffic.

Managed cloud hosting, basically, allows you to have a shared web account on a large amount of clusters servers. Here, the companies move and manage their applications to a production-ready cloud computing environment. Cloud hosting is generally good option for companies who run social networking websites. ISHIR Webhosting very well understands that your business is unique and so are your hosting needs. We have many pre-configured hosting packages available according to different needs. However, you can also get your hosting plan customized exactly the way you want according to your specific business needs. We have an expert team that makes sure that your hosting matches your online needs throughout your website's lifetime.

Why Choose ISHIR?

  • Reduction in Costs: Our custom solutions are developed in a way, so as to reduce the overall costs of your company.

  • 100% Uptime - High Availability: We offer you reliable, lightning-fast-servers with 100% uptime.

  • Highly Responsive Technical Support: Our team provides strong technical support to your company and is available at your service, 24x7.

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