Microsoft HyperV Cloud Hosting

IT experts look for virtualization solutions that provide greater flexibility, reliability, and quick disaster recovery. The Microsoft Hypervisor-Based Server Virtualization Technology (Microsoft HyperV) cloud provides a powerful and reliable virtualization platform for your business while taking care of your budget as well.

Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud is a set of programs and initiatives by Microsoft to allow both private and public entities to create and organize cloud computing environments. The initiative is taken to make it easier for businesses to virtualize existing server hardware assets and move them to a private or public cloud, thereby reducing the complexity of cloud environment management. The cloud is available as a feature of Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Security and Performance: Microsoft Hyper-V delivers Broad OS support, which has the ability to support various operating systems at the same time. This includes 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux systems, multiple processors, etc. This results in better security and performance in managing data.

  • Reduced Costs: Since Hyper-V enables you to run different operating systems on a single server, it helps you to reduce costs immensely. Also, this cloud maximizes utilization of test hardware, which further helps in cost savings and improving test coverage.

  • Minimum Downtime: This efficient technology allows you to migrate quickly, thereby making your downtime minimal and performance high. This also helps you to return to a previous state and improve backup solutions.

Why Choose ISHIR as Your Cloud Hosting Partner?

  • Enhanced Scalability: As a part of Microsoft HyperV cloud hosting, we provide you highly effective application and development tools that greatly enhance scalability.

  • More Customization: At ISHIR, we believe in creating a flexible architecture that conforms to your individual business needs. This enables us to present excellent end results that give you maximum returns.

  • Zero Downtime: With ISHIR, you will have no worries regarding work interruption caused due to network outages, power failure, or storage failure as we guarantee you zero downtime.

  • Private Operating System: We offer you to choose between Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and own your private operating system.

  • SSD Storage: With ISHIR’s HyperV cloud hosting services, you get a super-fast Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage.

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