Hybrid Cloud Hosting

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is an amalgamation of two or more clouds - private, public, and community. In hybrid cloud hosting, organizations generally keep all crucial applications and information in a private cloud safe from third-party access, while applications with less security concerns on the public cloud computing platform. Like this, organizations are able to avail benefits of multiple cloud computing platforms at single point of time.

Some Key Benefits

  • More Storage Capacity: Hybrid cloud computing allows your business to increase its current storage needs by making use of the public cloud to scale data processing as business itself grows. Most organizations use public cloud for less critical application and data while leaving private cloud for highly sensitive and crucial data.

  • Reduction in Costs: A hybrid cloud gives you a cost-effective cloud computing solution by integrating shared elements alongside dedicated physical servers, thereby reducing your capital expenses.

  • Global Reach: Since hybrid clouds can be operated anytime from any part of the world, it gives your business a global reach and allows you to spread your business beyond geographical boundaries easily.

  • Quick: Organizations that have a private cloud generally take advantage of additional storage with the help of public cloud. When data capacity on a private cloud reaches its peak, all applications and files are efficiently moved to the public cloud, thereby not wasting any time. This shifting of data helps in supporting unanticipated and additional workloads as well.

Why Cloud Host with ISHIR?

  • Combined Benefits of Public and Local Hardware: With ISHIR’s hybrid cloud hosting, you get the huge benefits of cloud based services combined with the responsiveness and security of local hardware.

  • Reasonable Pricing: At ISHIR, we help you avail benefits of multiple cloud computing platforms at best industry prices. However, our hosting charges vary depending on the services you use. When running a combination of dedicated and cloud infrastructure, typical usage charges include monthly dedicated server, cloud server, and outbound transfer usage charges.

  • Increased Security: With ISHIR’s Hybrid cloud hosting, you are able to witness high security that allows you to move workloads between your private cloud and public cloud computing platform over an encrypted VPN tunnel or private link.

  • Network Security Policies: At ISHIR’s Dallas Texas, Portland Oregon and New Delhi India data centers, we have centrally defined Network Security Policies automatically applied to your entire configuration.

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