Our goal is to be your server. Our agreement and policy documents clearly define how we work with our customers. Take a look.

Master Customer Agreement

Our Master Customer Agreement is our standardized contract that articulates in detail how the relationship between ISHIR Web Hosting and our customers works. It provides you with full awareness of what kind of relationship you enter and protects both you and us from any misunderstandings.
» Master Customer Agreement

Service Level Agreement (Exhibit B)

We promise a standard network uptime and facilities guarantee of 100%. This guarantee is part of our "Customer First" philosophy - We Are Your Server. If you experience any downtime, we issue SLA credits back to you. Our Service Level Agreement explains the details.
» Exhibit B

Colocation Hosting Services

This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") shall be effective between ISHIR, Inc. ("ISHIR") and the Customer identified in the Services Agreement to which this SLA is attached. This SLA shall apply to Colocation Hosting Services purchased by the Customer that are listed in the Agreement and specified in Exhibit A to the Master Customer Agreement.
» Colocation Hosting Services

Privacy Policy

We respect and protect your privacy. In order to enable us to provide you with theservices you need, we have to have certain information about you and/or your company. Your personal and/or business information will only be used in the context of the relationship between you and ISHIR Web Hosting . Please read our privacy policy to learn in detail what we do to protect your privacy.
» Privacy Policy

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