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In 2011 Opus Interactive and ISHIR formed a new division called ISHIR Hosting to cater to the fastest growing data center market in India. Mark is the President of ISHIR Hosting, which is a strategic joint venture between Opus Interactive and ISHIR.

In 1994, Mark co-founded Opus Interactive, now recognized as one of the Northwest’s fastest growing independent data center providers. In 1996, Mark began building an Internet Service Provider division within the firm. From its beginnings in hosting web sites for a few clients and providing dialup Internet service to friends and family, Mark forged ahead with the growth of the Opus Interactive into a multi-million dollar. In May, 2008, Mark bought the company from his partners to form an independent business Opus Interactive.

Interesting Facts

  • I grew up in: Portland, Oregon
  • Favorite Books: Now Discover Your Strengths, Resonate Leadership
  • Where I spent New Year’s 2000: Vancouver, BC
  • Things I could do for insane lengths of uninterrupted time: Discover and test new technologies to see where they could be applied
  • Most interesting family fact: My grandfather was Howard Hughes’ anesthesiologist during his last months. He told many fascinating stories about Mr. Hughes
  • Favorite hobbies: Traveling, perfecting my home media center setup, mixing house and 80’s music using software and midi controller, fly fishing
  • Things I will accomplish within five years: Get my private pilot license, be in New York city for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • My first business: Summer lemonade stand in front of house (pictures available by request)
Eric joined ISHIR in 1999. In his first position with the company, Eric was the Director of Development where he managed and led a team of web site/application developers. Eric also acted as the main web strategist architecting complex e-commerce applications, reservation systems, content management solutions and publishing applications. In this role, Eric’s accomplishments were numerous and he had the opportunity to work closely with marketing and technology directors of Fortune 500 companies on countless high-profile projects. Among his many contributions to ISHIR Web Hosting is the development of the company’s immensely successful blade and virtual server offerings.

Prior to joining ISHIR Web Hosting, Eric served as director of development at ISHIR Creative Group, Inc., as a Network Administrator at FLIR Systems – a manufacturer of infrared night vision cameras and at Aracnet - an Oregon based Internet Service Provider as a Field Service Network Engineer.

Eric has a degree in Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Business. Eric currently holds the following certifications: MCSE+Security, MCSE+Messaging, MCSA, MCTS-Hosting and ITIL Foundations.

While Eric enjoys spending his leisure time with his four children, Eric also takes some time for himself by playing poker and indoor soccer with friends, and occasionally gets a weekend away to Las Vegas for self renewal (and some poker).

Interesting Facts

  • Favorite kind of music: R&B, Hip Hop, Techno/Trance
  • Favorite movies: Bourne Identity, Office Space, The Matrix,
  • My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is: ice cold dr. pepper
  • My father always said: If you are going to do something, do it right the first time
  • The best day of my life: experiencing the birth of my children
Rishi is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the company. He joined the management team in 2011 as an investor and advisor on the board and form a new business entity called ISHIR Web Hosting. Within a short term involvement with the company, the company has grown 30%. Rishi's responsibilities include setting short-term/long-term goals, working with senior team to help define business and marketing strategies and the execution and monitoring of such strategies. Rishi also plays a key role in international partner development within ISHIR.

Rishi has rich and varied experience in offshore software development for ISV (Independent Software Vendors), Digital Marketing agencies and Casino Gaming companies. His management experience ranges from offshore program management to managing software delivery.
Rishi has over fourteen years of experience as an offshore consultant for a variety of clients ranging from technology start-ups to medium/large corporate and international entities. He possesses strong leadership skills exemplified through his experience in International Business and Offshoring IT Services. With Rishi's experience ISHIR has developed into an outsourcing services provider that helps partners and clients successfully focus on their core competencies, improve quality of delivery, speed time-to-market, and increase profitability by setting up dedicated development teams offshore.

When Rishi is not working, he spends time with his family and twin boys, he enjoys playing golf, working with non-profits and participating in the board of a number of startups and growth companies.

Interesting Facts

  • I grew up in: New Delhi, India
  • Favorite Books: Built to Last, Good to Great, Now Discover Your Strengths, 4 Hour Work Week
  • Favorite movies: Shawshank Redemption, The God Father Series, Sholay (Hindi), Dil Chahta Hai (Hindi), 3 Idiots (Hindi)
  • Favorite wild animal: Tiger
  • Favorite Sports: Golf, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis
  • Who do I miss most in the world: My grandfather. He passed away in 2004. He was the number 1 inspiration in my life.
  • My hobbies are: Travelling, Playing PS3/Xbox Games
  • My favorite childhood T.V. shows: A-Team, Knight Rider
  • My favorite T.V. shows: Seinfeld, Mad Men, Californication, 24 Series
  • The best thing that ever happened to me: My Wife said Yes to my proposal and married me.
  • The best thing about my job: Getting the best colleagues and learning from their experiences
After consulting with ISHIR Web Hosting on IT matters since 1997, Brady Wilson joined the company in 2001 and has over 14 years of IT industry experience. As ISHIR Web Hosting ’s CTO, Brady’s primary responsibilities is leading and supporting the technical teams and defining business strategy for our technology offering. He is also responsible for architecting and managing ISHIR Web Hosting ’s data center infrastructure. Brady works to develop and maintain operational, service, and security related policies and procedures helping ISHIR Web Hosting maintain stringent internal controls. Brady has been integral in architecting and implementing enterprise hosting solutions for clients such as Hawaiian Airlines and Outrigger Hotels and Resorts.

Brady’s current certifications include MCSE+Security and Red Hat Certified Technician. He is pursuing further Microsoft and Red Hat certifications and certifications in BSD, ITIL, CISSP Security and data center technologies.

When he’s not neck deep in technology related RSS feeds and blogs, Brady enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. Playing plenty of soccer and paintball challenges Brady’s physical endurance, while keeping current with politics keeps his mind busy in his off time.

Interesting Facts

  • Favorite song: Mayonnaise by Smashing Pumpkins
  • Favorite T.V. show: Lost
  • My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is: Yoohoo
  • My greatest strengths are: Organization, Honesty, Reliability. (I think)
  • My favorite childhood T.V. show: Doctor Who
  • My Junior high school was: Woodbury Middle School, MN - Meadow Park Middle School, OR
  • My first job: Cleanup at a meat market
  • I chose my profession because: I like the industry and the wide range of tasks to do

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