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Virtual Managed Servers from ISHIR Web Hosting

A virtual managed server can be a great benefit to your business, whether your company is a mega-business, just starting out, or any size business in between. Managed virtual services allow for better utilization of your existing IT efficiencies. While multiple operating systems and applications run independently on a single server, administrators can easily transfer workloads while maximizing server resources.

From streamlining and simplifying tasks, a virtual managed server easily combines applications to merge with the servers, thus freeing up your IT staff for other important tasks. Let ISHIR Web Hosting take care of the system requirements, infrastructure, maintenance, and management of your virtual managed server while your IT professionals work on making your business flourish.

With a virtual managed server, you will benefit from:

  • customized configurations to meet your specific business needs
  • 27/7 access to certified, dedicated experts who are managing your server environment
  • full control of your site environment
  • full security, complete storage, and numerous network devices
  • no troubleshooting, monitoring, patching, or backup needed from your IT staff
  • managed virtual solutions for the products and services needed to support your website fully

ISHIR Web Hosting will provide you with the managed virtual services you need without hassle or delay and with privacy from other customers. We are your ‘human servers’ and will partner with you becoming an extension of your IT department. Our managed virtual solutions are also very cost-effective, and that’s important to any business today.

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