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Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Virtual dedicated hosting has many benefits worth considering, not the least of which is price. Its affordability may have you questioning shared hosting.

With virtualized dedicated hosting, you get:

  • complete control of your server, without worry of other customers’ websites or resources slowing your website performance
  • total security, as you are the only one who can access the server
  • flexibility on customized upgrades, specific to your needs alone
  • the ability to handle more traffic
  • much more storage space
  • a low cost solution to balancing the needs for security, technological features and advancements, and more value for your dollar

If you are partial to Windows, ISHIR Web Hosting offers a virtual dedicated Windows server. We offer an intelligent way for you to better manage your hardware, get the most for your money, and to do it all through the utilization of only one resource.

All of our physical servers and virtual dedicated Windows servers are managed by our expert certified professionals around the clock. Virtual dedicated hosting can be the perfect solution for freeing up IT challenges and investment.

Contact us today about your virtual dedicated hosting needs.

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