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Empower Your Presence Online with Grid Server Hosting or any of our Managed Web Site Hosting Plans

Grid server hosting, also known as Cloud Hosting, empowers the client for large bursts of traffic, with little or no failures, at anytime. These grid server hosting plans work best for those needing high performance and high availability. If you are in the market for reliable and dependable grid server hosting, we are in the market to meet your needs.

The empowering grid web hosting environment at from ISHIR Web Hosting includes:

  • Client software installation and updates.
  • Backups through a private network.
  • Proactive support communication.
  • Port monitoring services and notifications.
  • Multiple security and support services.
  • Multiple network and server services.
  • and much more

We operate proactively with the highest performance and latest state-of-the-art technologies. Businesses turn to us for their grid host needs because we have proven to be a leader in the industry. If we do not already offer a configuration to meet your needs, we will customize a plan for you.

Being eco-friendly, ISHIR Web Hosting works with many green configurations throughout Portland for our grid host plans. From low-voltage processors to energy efficient memory to clean wind power from Portland General Electric (PGE), we aim to help the environment while simultaneously meeting your hosting needs and other IT requirements.

Contact us today for all your grid server hosting needs.

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